Burning a Bootable Data Disc

1) Start the Cheetah DVD Burner by clicking on the Menu or Desktop Icon.

2) Next Select the Boot CD/DVD option from the New Projects Panel.

Note: The default setting for a Bootable Data Disc is ISO9660-Joliet Bridged (64 Characters are allowed in the names). If you would like to use a different file system naming convention, you can change it by clicking on the FileNames Menu and selecting a different option.


3) The Boot Settings Dialog will load up, then you can select the Boot options you would like to use.

4) Drag the files you would like to burn, over from the browser on the right hand side, to the DVD Burning window on the left side.

5) Next click the Burn Disc button to start the DVD Burning process.

Bootable Disc Settings

If you need to
Slipstreaming Windows XP with Service Pack 2

1) Browse for the Boot image you would like to use. A file with ext .img like Boot.img

Note: A number of utilities exist to extract/create boot images.

Here are some example Boot images:

Knoppix - a fun version a Linux that runs on a CD.

DOS - everyone's favorite

OR - you can extract "Microsoft Corporation.img" from the Windows XP CD using ISO Buster.

2) Emulation Type: Floppy_144MB is always a good choice.

3) Load segment and sectors are reserved for advanced users. The defaults will work fine.

4) Disable ISO File Delimiters - Use ISO9660 Version Delimiters. This is required for some bootable images (e.g. - Windows 2000).

5) Enforce ISO Level 1 – Set ISO compliance level (1 or 2). This property is only valid for the discs ISO9660 volume only.

Once you have selected the Boot options you like, click the OK button to exit. Then when you Burn a Data CD or DVD it will be bootable. Have Fun!