Burning a Video DVD

Important: If you want to burn a Video DVD and have a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder continue.

Before a Video can be burned as a Video DVD it must have the proper file structure. This structure includes two folders AUDIO_TS, VIDEO_TS and the required files for your home DVD player to show the movie. Then it should be burned onto a DVD-R disc some players will handle a DVD+R or a CD, but your best bet is a DVD-R.

Note : A CD will work and play on your home DVD player as a Mini-DVD but the sound quality will be terrible. A DVD-R is highly recommended, for a clear picture and crisp sound quality.

1) Start the Cheetah DVD Burner by clicking on the Menu or Desktop Icon.

2) Next Select the Video DVD option from the New Projects Panel.


3) Select the Video_Ts folder you would like to burn using the browse button.

4) Next click the Burn Disc button to start the DVD Burning process.

And that is it...Enjoy!