Auto Verify
When this option is checked the program, will perform a binary compare after the disc is burned.
It will compare the files on the hard drive to the files on the newly burned disc to ensure that no errors have occurred. If errors have occurred a report will be provided.

A binary compare with source files will be performed on all, except for imported files. Imported files from a previous session will NOT be verified because the source files may no longer exist.

Finalize Disc
Sometimes called a Closed Disc, this option locks the disc after the burning is completed so that nothing more can be written to it. This option can be used when delivering a final release or document for distribution.

Note 1: This operation can take up to 5 minutes on some drives. This operation cannot be cancelled.

Note 2: All audio discs are closed.

Note 3: DVD+RW and DVD-RAM always appear closed, and this setting does not apply. These formats are random access, and therefore are always writable.

Cache Image before Writing
If writing from a network location, or including many smaller files (under 1K) in the ISO/Joliet image, or using a slower system, this setting is recommended to avoid drive under-run writing errors. For audio CDs, all audio tracks are cached prior to writing. Using caching for CDs can result in usage of up to 800MB of temporary hard drive space.

Test Write Mode
The test write mode will simulate writing activity on the drive; except the laser will never be turned on. The disc will remain unwritten. DVD formats cannot be written to in test mode and will result in the disc being written to regardless of this setting.

Note: If Auto Verify is enabled, during a test burn, the binary comparison will fail, and an error report will be provided, after the burning is complete.

Disc At Once (DAO)
If this option is selected the Disc will be burned in one single closed session. This is useful when burning a Video DVD, Audio CD, or a Master Disc.

Note: If an Audio CD is burned, without using the Disc At Once option, each track will have a 2 second silent gap between them.

Eject After Burn:
Ejects the disc after it is burned.

Bootable CD/DVD
The option launches the Boot Settings Dialog, for a Data Disc. For more information please refer to the Bootable Disc Settings page.

View Horizontal
Sets the File Browser, and Disc Burning windows to a Horizontal view, the default is vertical.

Use the Files Original Date
If this option is not checked, today’s date will be used for the files being burned.